RZR XP Headlight Kit Installation Instructions

Tools needed for installation: 7/16 wrench, T-20 Torx bit driver, 5/16 wrench, needle nose pliers, to remove a fuse.
1. Unpackage items within RZR Headlight Kit.
2. Install 4x XL300 Pod lights onto mounting brackets using the ¼-20 carriage bolt and nut as indicated below. Note: Snuggly tighten ¼-20 carriage bolt and nut as the lights will need to be aligned post installation. 
3.Disconnect wire harness that connects to stock OEM headlight module. 
4.Un-install OEM headlight module by removing 3x Torx screws as indicated below. Note: Save screws as they will be needed for mounting the bracket to the vehicle. It is also recommended to leave alignment springs in position. 
5. Install Xlux RZR Headlight Module using the 3x Torx screws used to mount the OEM headlight module. Note: Tighten firmly but do not strip plastic threads, use best judgment, and rely on alignment springs to provide additional pre-load in the case that the screw is not fully engaged. 
6. Install harness adapters. ***NOTE: Harness adapters are handed, so there is a driver side and a passenger side. Each harness is labeled accordingly, ensure the correct adapter harness is installed.
7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 on the opposite side of the vehicle.
8. Replace headlight fuse with 10A fuse. Some vehicles may already have a 10amp fuse in use. In that case leave as is.
9. Once lights have been installed aim lights and tighten all ¼-20 nuts and 10-32 hex screws.

Fog Light Aim Instructions

It is important to align the fog light to ensure oncoming traffic is not blinded.
1. Install XL300 Fogs as intended. 
2. Park vehicle on a level surface with a wall located in front of the vehicle at least 10 feet away. 
3. Adjust vertical aim of the beam so that the top of the beam (top of sharp line that defines bright to dark) is at the same height as the center of the light. Use a tape measure to assist. 
4. Tighten screws that connect the housing to the mounting bracket.
5. The fog light is now aligned. This alignment ensures optimal ground illumination while not projecting light upward towards oncoming traffic.