All LED lights sold to a customer are backed with a 10 year limited lifetime guarantee. This product's warranty covers defects and quality flaws present upon purchase, electrical malfunctions, moisture seals, and broken components that occured during normal use over the specified duration of the warranty. The product's warranty does not cover damages that fall outside normal use. This includes failure due to an accident or collision, misuse, abuse, modification, natural disaster, improper installation, and damages caused by an external elements or forces. Fading of the lens and housing due to external conditions is considered wear and tear and is not covered. XLUX will ensure the product warranty is honored when reasonable evidence is provided by the customer that indicates a said defect falls under the specified warranty coverages. This product's "normal use" includes operation in temperatures between -20 and +150 degrees Fahrenheit, water submersion no greater than 1 ft, non-corrosive chemical environments, and situations evident to an ordinary individual that define normal use.

To return a product per the warranty, contact support@xluxoptics.com to get a return merchandise account (RMA) number to begin the return process. Detailed information describing the problem or defect shall be communicated via email to determine if the said defect falls within the warranty coverage. All products sold by XLUX Optics LLC that are not LED light fixtures are not covered by a warranty.