Daniel Pirrie is a professional Iron Man Quad Racer well known for tackling the Baja 1000!. He inspires us with his story of overcoming prostate cancer while never taking his foot off the pedal. Daniel is a 25-year Air Force veteran. He is a former Vegas to Reno Champion. He is an ATV and a CrossFit Trainer. Follow Daniel Pirrie @ Danielpirrie.com. From our team at XLux, we wish Daniel well in all his races to come.


Melanie Barrios is 16 years old and was born in Arizona. She started racing when she was 10 years old in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. She won three championships in Kuervitoz Kids category Razor170 Pro, 2017 1stplace, 2018 1stplace, 2019 3rdplace. Melanie was feature in Robbots Magazine in May 2019. In 2021, she started racing in category 39 with a Honda Talon 1000 and obtained 2ndplace in the CODE OFF-ROAD championship and 1stplace in Kuervoz championship. In 2022, moved up to category 19 and is currently in that category. Melanie won 1stplace in Racing for Boobs 2023. Team Trankilon Racing is looking forward to grow and win a place in more off-road championships.


Dezert Dawg Racing is a family-owned racing team based out of Minden, Nevada. Edward Conrad and Gil Medrano (father and son) are the race drivers while Cheryl and Caroline (respective wives) run the pit. All their children fully play a role in the races helping with the pit duties. The Dezert Dawg Racing team started desert off road racing over ten years ago in class 11 stock VW bug series. They have competed for several years in races such as the Laughlin Rage at the River, Baha 1000 and the Las Vegas Mint 400.  They soon moved into class 3900 Pro Stock Turbo UTV in 2015. Over the last 9 years they have become very successful in a handful of different races including the Las Vegas Mint 400. In the coming years they look forward to extending themselves to an array of new races to continue their reign as champion racers. Ed and Gil are true examples of hard work and dedication. Their love and support from the family has gifted them with the ability to get as far as they have. Xlux Optics warmly welcomes the Dezert Dawgs Race team and wishes them all the best in the races to come.

Speed Goat Racing

Speed Goat Racing consists of a team of hardworking individuals with a passion for winning and off-road racing. They race a class 1600. These cars are known for being tough and agile momentum cars. This is a super competitive class, where it can be anyone's race. To be successful racing this class, you have to be skilled and determined to win. In 2022 Speed Goat Racing got 2nd place in their first race at the Fallon 250 with a series of podium wins landing them a season championship win in the Vorra. In that season alone, Speed Goat racing was featured in S&S Off-road Magazine twice. In 2023 they took the top spot in the El Coyote 500. Due to serious health issues of one of Speed Goat Racing team members they took a pause in 2023. In 2024 they returned to the track landing a second place victory in the Legacy Gold Rush. Xlux Optics congratulates Speed Goat Racing on there triumphs and welcomes them to the Xlux Family.