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XL3-40" Light Bar

XL3-40" Light Bar

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The XL3-40" Light Bar has raised the bar with versatile functionality and top of the line performances. The XL3-40" Light Bar is composed of XL300 Pods mounted onto a mounting crossbar. The crossbar contains an integrated 2 wire harness with accent backlighting. The user can specify a package with anywhere between 6 to 10 XL300 Pods in either white or amber color. The mounting architecture allows for on the fly amiability of each individual pod light enabling light pattern adjustment for any given situation. For example, the user can specify 10 XL300 Broad Spots and point them straight ahead for a forward brightness greater than 1,000,000 Candelas or alternatively, fan them out horizontally to provide a 70 degree field of illumination with a brightness exceeding 100,000 Candelas. Similarly, a user can horizontally fan out a series of XL300 Drives enabling the ability to illuminate more the 180 degrees of ground coverage. There is an endless list of unique features that make this light bar one of a kind. The Xlux Patented technology provides a beam pattern that will not blast your hood or windshield with blinding glare. The light bar does not create whistling sounds at high speeds which is common problem for conventional light bars. The light bar does not act as a single point failure as components are interchangeable upon accidental damage. The types of light specified per package are completely customizable. 

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-9 to 36Vdc Input

-Power Draw: 20 watts

-Reverse Voltage Protection

-Fully submersible

-Moisture Venting

-Polycarbonate Lens

- 0to 120deg Operating Temperature

-5000K Color Temperature

-Lumens 2200

-Max Candela: 5000

-Horizontal beam width: 60Deg

-Vertical beam width: 20Deg

-Standard 2 pin DT connector

-Lifetime guarantee


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