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XL300 SPOT | Whipless LED Light(s)

XL300 SPOT | Whipless LED Light(s)

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The XL300 Spot is an incredibly bright light that surpasses all competitor’s in it's class in terms of brightness per power draw, setting a new precedence in the off-road LED lighting industry! The XL300 Spot is intended for high-speed applications as it's 2.5 deg square beam pattern becomes practical only at long range distances. Each XL300 Spot lamp draws ~10watts while emitting 1000 lumens. The peak beam intensity is a whopping 300,000 candelas. The candela/watt ratio is un-heard of in the industry, making it by far the latest and greatest innovation in the business. In fact, competitor LED lamps would have to draw at least 80watts to produce comparable candela values, not to mention the price tag that comes with it. HID and Laser lights similarly require much higher power draw as well and come with there own complexity that falls short of the unique robust solution of an LED. At XLux we do it right! Extreme Lighting for extreme living! This light is so bright, it can be used as whip light by simply pointing it into the night sky. The bright beam can illuminate hundreds of feet into the sky providing added safety during a night ride by allowing other riders the ability to see you coming miles away. It also looks really cool! It is recommended to use white light for whips as it provides maximum brightness and visibility. Red, Green, and Blue colors are available but do not provide the same visibility over all conditions compared to the white color.

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-9 to 36Vdc Input

-10watt Power Draw

-Reverse Voltage Protection

-Fully submersible

-Moisture Venting

-Polycarbonate Lens

- -20 to 150deg Operating Temperature

-6000K Color Temperature

-Lumens: 1000 lm/lamp

-Max Candela: +200,000cd/lamp

-Horizontal and Vertical Beam Width: 2.5deg

-Lifetime guarantee

-Standard 2 pin DT connector

-Universal mount bracket with 1/4-20 Fastener




The XL300 Spot is intended for high-speed applications as it's 2.5 deg square beam pattern becomes practical only at long range distances.


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